Novartis Pharmaceuticals

Sayali Kadam

Associate Marketing Director for Entresto
Novartis Pharmaceuticals

With over 9 years in the life sciences industry, Sayali Kadam has extensive experience in HCP marketing, sales force engagement and training, product launch, global and local congresses, thought-leader engagement, media planning, and innovative digital solutions. 

Sayali Kadam brings the Japanese concept of simplicity and minimalism "Kanso" to all her work. She enjoys simplifying internal processes and external customer - HCP and patient - experience by designing non-traditional ways to do things.

She is currently Associate Marketing Director for Entresto at Novartis. She has a bachelor’s in Biotechnology from Rochester Institute of Technology and a master’s in Biotechnology Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

Sayali Kadam’s Session(s)

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